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July 27, 2008


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When I saw this I thought this was a joke! Polar Bears???I am going to look for Polar Bears in my back yard in Diamond Bar. This is a joke? yes.

paul c

i had polar bear yesterday! it tasted like the best steak ive ever had :D


Excellent information I think this issue is not well known but I like to know about How to Cook a Polar Bear.

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Should the hunt ban in those countries!!

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They should see the hunting of bears as an illegal act.

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I never could to cook ot to eat any Polar bear!!!! It isn't into my customs.

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So terrible pictures guys, how can you eat something like that?

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polar bears is legal to cook? I do not like thinking about it

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I like your post about A polar bear and its skin and fur are an ecological good with cultural importance to northern peoples because I love the polar bear and this post is very useful for me. Thanks.

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The tittle it's so disgusting, please be more careful the next time.


The tittle it's so disgusting I really heat the people that kill animals for pleasure.

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Kill any type of animal is so disgusting, I don't like it anyway.

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slay a pour animal to get it's meat is always brutal.

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Is it an illegal act? should be...

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Being fat-soluble, vitamin A is stored to a variable degree in the body, making it more likely to cause toxicity when taken in excess amounts.


Eat a polar bear ? no thanks , it sounds kinda creepy.

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what is this How to Cook a Polar Bear why do you kill the polar bear

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From Alaska to Greenland (legally) and probably in Russia (illegally for now) northern Natives hunt polar bears for food and materials. Sales of polar bear parts are allowed subject to restrictions that vary from place to place.

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I think the polar bear will hate me! All i can ever think of is: how to cook this bear.I am from Ontario (not Cochrane though) and I didn't even know you could do that there! I am definately going to do it!

divisas forex

This is discusting....
I thought is was a joke.

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there is these lyrics..and idk what dong it is..i like them tho..does anyone else know?

you can be my humming bird and i'll be your polar bear and we'll love each other dearly and live with out a care.


Is that allowed?, because I think this is cruel enough, because this specie is endangered for that reason I think should have regulations with this terrible act.

Jess @ Guitar String

I have to admit that picture turn me off. It's terrible!

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