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June 15, 2004


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Martin Clift

Hi Ben
I have a great uncle who died at the battle of Bellewaarde 16th June 1915. He was a lance Corporal in the 1st Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers.

On reading about the events of that day, I decided to research in greater depth and build a website dedicated to all the men who fought and fell on that Flanders field.

Part of the site is honouring the memory of those brave men with a vast list of those killed, you could say "The statistical side of things" The other part is about the soldiers, when they were born and where they were schooled. I also decided to add images and 'other stories' of as many men as I can, the reason is that I hope they will be remembered as men and not just statistics.

I have come across this site and John Christian Barber and would like to add the information you have here to the Bellewaarde 1915 site. I would also ask permission to use his image from the Liverpool Scottish Museum Trust. Also, if you have any other stories or images I would be please to add them.

The site is not ready for publication yet as the job was bigger than I expected however, I will be displaying the names from the evening of 15th June 2010 onwards to commemorate 95 years since the battle.
I hope to hear from you soon

Martin Clift

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