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March 06, 2006


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So...What does DHS do with its fact sheet?

22 ports and well over 55 terminals, 60-odd by my last count.

Why has no member of the senate or the house asked about the scope of this deal?

Setting aside the issues of security, why has the White House, DHS, Congress, and the media not confronted the lie? Even those opposed have not done so.

Curious. P&O has not hidden the information. Nor has DP World. But everyone else has. Lou Dobbs mentioned 22 ports once; then did not correct Andrea when she said "Six." Why?

Oh... maybe you should look at the sukuk bond offering that is going to grease this deal. Who are the players here? Who has skin in this game. hmmmmmm Easy to find out.

This game goes far beyond a simple ports deal.

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