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October 22, 2006


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marnie rasmussen

My name is Marnie Rasmussen, and i am in the 7th grade. I am doing a history day project on the wreck of princess sophia. I just LOVE your website and i was wondering if you could email me any more possible information you have on sophia. Any of info, or other good websites would be very helpful. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Remember, my email is [email protected]. Thank you for your time, and it would be a great advantage if you could help me. Thanks!!

Marnie Rasmussen, 7th Grade student at Haines Middle School.


Hey, I'm doing a project on the Princess Sophia, actually with Marnie. She told me that she got some good information off your site. Thank you.

John Doris

My great-great-uncle Michael Doris was on the Princess Sophia. He was part of the crew and came from County Donegal in Ireland, though he had been living for years in Scotland before he started work on the Princess Sophia. It's a fascinating story and I enjoyed the site.


my great grandpa was on the ship but died.it makes me sad.


A great recollection of events. One of my best friend went diving there. He badly damaged his leg and had to give up diving.

Dee Longenbaugh

Can you tell me anything about the dog that supposedly survived the wreck?
Thank you.


Thank you very much for this account of the sinking of the Princess Sophia. I just discovered this weekend that my maternal great-grandmother's sister (along with that woman's husband and two children), who hailed from Dawson City, perished in the wreck, and am now striving to find out as much information about this maritime tragedy as possible.

Thanks again & have a wonderful weekend,

Rodger Zink

I have a life preserver from the princess sophia...My old friend found it on the shore..I like to take a picture and post it sometime....

Dan Schloss

Hello my name is Dan Schloss. My video production company is Echo Media Productions in Modesto, California. I am starting my research on the Princess Sophia for the purpose of shooting a documentary about the ship. I would enjoy hearing from those who are family members, of passengers and crew. This is just the preliminary start, my co-producer and I are intrested in learning more. I can be reached at [email protected]




You can find on the National Film Board of Canada's website a very good documentary on the sinking of the Princess Sophia. The movie is available on DVD.

The Sinking of the Princess Sophia - 2004 - 47 min


Hi everyone,

The documentary on the Princess Sophia, produced by the NFB, will be broadcasted August 17th 2010 on the canadian Documentary Channel, at 10 : 00 pm.

Constance Marie Bennett

Thanks very much for the information from Dan Schloss at Echo Media Productions, and the Canadian Documentary Channel.
Constance Marie Bennett. My Uncle Howard lost his life on the Princess Sophia.

Daniel Halen


Thank you for writing this article and bring to the forefront the magnitude of this disaster that is rarely mentioned nowadays. I've sailed to Juneau from Skagway in a 30 ft boat sailboat several years ago on my first trip to Juneau and went directly beside the Vanderbilt Reef. It was a moving experience to say the least and it caused me to write a song about this disaster on the only piece of paper available at the time which was a cereal box carton. I didn't think much of it for a few days but later revisited it and tried my best to tell this story an correctly as possible in the lyrics. I believe it is historically correct and certainly appreciate reading your article to confirm the chronology of the event. The song is aptly titled "Princess Sophia" and is available at my website at www.danielhalen.com as well as on ITunes and the like. I wish I knew about the movie that just came out as I would have offered it to the production company to use in the film. With your permission, I would appreciate linking your article to my website since it is one of the best articles I have come across. Best regards. Daniel Halen

Mitzi Reynolds

I am doing research on the cemetery in Fort Yukon, and in St Michaels Episcopal Church here, there is a large painting dedicated to a woman (a nurse here, going out for more training) who perished on the ship. Her husband (of seven weeks) was also on the ship. He was the "half breed" Walter, who traveled with Hudson Stuck. Those familiar with Stuck's writing will "know" Walter well. Stuck's book "A winter Circuit of our Arctic Coast..." is dedicated to Walter. Does anyone know where we can find a complete list of the passengers?
Thank you for this posting. Aren't we lucky to be living in a time where information is so accessible?!


My name is sophia and my facebook name is princess Sophia and i just searched my name up and this came up i was really surprised so i read this whole thing WOW!!
-Sophia =)

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