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March 07, 2007


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Loel Shuler

Thanks for referencing my book, Alaska in the Wake of the North Star. I receive great feedback from those who have read it. But getting new reader's attention is not easy. I need all the help I can get.

I'm working with material about KI and some of its people. I'd enjoy hearing from you, B.M. and possibly sharing some information.

What an industrious site you have. However, do you manage?

Loel Shuler


I came across this website while researching king island. i find it amusing that you actually posted "king island" since my relatives once lived on the island and recall moving growing up on the island.

Ralph Dallas Sunchild

Nice page about King Island. My dad's mom was from there,but she left back in 1928,moved to Montana,never went back.
Thank You for the look.
Sincerly Yours,Ralph

Melissa Cook

My Mom was born and raised on King Island. I came across your website researching information for my 7 years Heritage Report. Thanks for the information.

Melissa Cook (daughter of Theresa Kunnuk)

Melissa Cook

I meant my daughter who is 7 years old......

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