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June 04, 2007


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Great post.Very well documented. Another epidemic hit Mauritius in 2006, the chikungunya, which is a viral fever spread by mosquitoes. Unfortunately, much of the knowledge accumulated over the years fighting malaria have become rusty and the population had to be taught again the basic precautions. But the fight against chikungunya successfully mounted (especially to preserve the touristic image of the country) and has been very successful: there are no reported case this year.

Rumah Sabul Tumpangan

Hi..just stopping by to say a Happy New Year...interesting post there, and i've bookmarked this blog too...keep up the good job ;)

Stephan Yard

Very informative article. Malaria is a vector-borne disease which had a greater impact on humans than any other infectious agent. In most cases, a human being gets malaria through the bite of an infected Anopheles female mosquito. In spite of several preventive as well as anti-malarial medications, residual drugs, and the usage of protective clothing and mosquito nets, one of the best options to prevent malaria would be use of an effective natural mosquito repellent.

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Methods used to prevent the spread of disease, or to protect individuals in areas where malaria is endemic, include prophylactic drugs, mosquito eradication, and the prevention of mosquito bites. The continued existence of malaria in an area requires a combination of high human population density, high mosquito population density, and high rates of transmission from humans to mosquitoes and from mosquitoes to humans. If any of these is lowered sufficiently, the parasite will sooner or later disappear from that area, as happened in North America, Europe and much of Middle East. However, unless the parasite is eliminated from the whole world, it could become re-established if conditions revert to a combination that favors the parasite's reproduction. Many countries are seeing an increasing number of imported malaria cases due to extensive travel and migration.

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