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July 30, 2007


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Joe Gariplerden

It is easy to blame the suppliers greed in cutting corners.It is a fact that such behaviour exists in China as much as in any other country.When we look to reality
that they are a lot of factories deliver goods meeting the expectations of the buyers.So I take all these accusations with a grain of salt.

Many people work as third party contractors or in purchasing offices for the companies that can afford having a sourcing office and QC System.
Can we talk about quality fade of products without talking about fading of quality in quality control system?

The first job of any quality control system is to have due diligence.

If we search the description of due diligence:

Due diligence in Supplier Quality (also known as due care) is the effort made by a QC professional to validate conformance of product provided by the seller to the purchaser. Failure to make this effort may be considered negligence.

The aim of a quality control system is to prevent Quality Fade regardless of the root cause.

If any product reach the destination with quality flaw, the responsability of the system to prevent it comes to those who day after day are involved to detect any discrepancy, prior to shipment.

When the control system fails to deliver products in conformity, we can than talk about Investigative due diligence, involving a general obligation to identify true, root cause for non-compliance to meet a standard or contract requirement.

If we are talking about Quality Fade this fact can only coexist with Quality Control Fade.

The lesson can be learnt from these unfortunate events that Quality Control System should function without lowering the dilligence, that accidents happens even when there is no bad intention.
If I am paid to control the quality in every stage of production it is my duty to make sure that Quality fade can not pass the door of the producer.
It is a matter of choice between prevention and cure.

home inspector

A great well writen post. as a domestic energy assessor in the uk im interested in this for my epc.

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