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October 07, 2007


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Peter Gallagher

Crikey, Ben, that's an astonishing growth rate. The second graph seems to show the annual growth is asymptotic to 5%. That's, for example, the growth rate of the Korean economy from 1980 to 2000. A serious management problem. Pretty soon, I venture, Alaska will have to either:

(a) Increase port charges by $m per day to slow down growth, or..
(b) Succeed from the Union and start issuing its own visas, or...
(c) Sell Juneau to the cruise lines, possibly in return for Seattle

Peter Gallagher

Sorry... typing running ahead of brain. I meant 'SECEDE', of course.


David "loves to cruise Alaska" Rogers

This was a very interesting post. I'd be curious to see what the trends are now giving the current economic climate. It seems that cruise lines must be getting hit pretty hard.


SouthSeattleJoe is laboring under the fantasy that any of the money you spend on a cruise ends up staying in Alaska. If you go to a local bar or..

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