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March 20, 2008


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Wow that is a facinating article. Who would have thought that there was a corilation between teeth and earning potential.


this is not a well-controlled study, because income can be correlated to communities with fluoridated water sources. better to try a study by putting a subgroup on tooth trays and another on placebo, then test for income in a few years. :)

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Great post, I enjoyed this read, look forward to future posts!


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Without having read the study, it seems like if anything they are giving a lowball estimate since their shock is macro and for most jobs teeth are positional rather than absolute. To the extent that fluoridation leads to across-the-board increases in teeth quality for the local labor market, it conceals this positional aspect.

Account Deleted

Tom may be right. The correlation between healthy teeth and income has a wide gap that cannot be determined by a few factors. But I believe that healthy teeth can really get you somewhere. You can use your smile to impress employers and establish rapport between your colleagues. That's why I make sure that I regularly have my teeth checked by Chicago cosmetic dentists. I trust that whatever procedure they suggest, it will benefit me.

Jerri Larimore

Healthy teeth will always be valuable to every person. The healthier teeth you have, the more you'll enjoy life. It may not directly affect one's value, but remember that a bright smile will always be pleasing. Probably water fluoridation really helps, which of course is a subject of debate.

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