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August 16, 2008


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David "hopes to cruise in Alaska this summer" Rogers

This was a very interesting post. I had no idea that aerial polar bear hunting took place in Alaska. Amazing

Samson B

Very informative and excellent post. I have learned from it and will have to experience Alaska in person now.
Must be quite a Marksman to shoot from an Aircraft.
Especially provided the equipment available 35 years ago.


You DID NOT SHOOT THE BEAR FROM THE PLANE,you had to land and track,kill and dress out the hide, hope to god your plane TOOK OFF with no problems, hence two planes per hunt.There was no GPS back then it was very dangerous.In hind sight it was better to do away with aerial hunts many good guides were lost including mine when he crashed and they never found his body.It was a great time I was only 18 years old and it was living in the old west 1n 1958.

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Oh gosh that makes me sick!! I love all animals and I realize some hunting must occur but the polar bear?? I think there is someting deeply emotionally wrong with someone who kills for the shear thrill of it. It's sick

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