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    Baby Gates

    I understand that healthcare is cheaper in India but I think most of that is due to insurance running up the cost along with Hospitals here do not operate like a business but a service.

    The biggest cost I would say is Legal issues here.

    How To Deal With Jealousy

    I don't understand why the US doesn't focus their attention and money to creating systems and workflows that result in more efficient and secure operations. Doing only that would without a doubt lower the annual cost of healthcare, reduce the number of lawsuits and lower the fatality count due to malpractice.

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    thanks for sharing this... very informative... sure made us see the difference of health care in countries, leading and those who are considered as third world or somewhere in the middle...

    dsquared pull

    Bonjour Fred, l’ami Philippe Martin de la Fabrique de blogs (N’ayez pas peur) m’a pointé vers votre billet et je dois avouer qu’il s’agit là d’un panorama des médias sociaux des plus complets et intéressants. Je me permets tout de même une question. Le réseau social Facebook demeure-t-il une avenue intéressante pour les entreprises souhaitant rejoindre leurs clients par le biais des médias sociaux?

    P.S. Votre tableau des médias sociaux sera dorénavant mon wallpaper…


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