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April 20, 2009



After a month's absence, I'm glad you're back. This is an interesting post.

I think that's an interesting notion that the North Korean rocket/missile launch would provide momentum for the FTA.

Still, I think Baucus needs a bit of a dose of reality. He's the one that was saying there's no way the Korus FTA would see the light of day unless the ROK beef ban was lifted; does he not realize how much President Lee stuck his neck out to remove most of the ban? How much further does he expect Lee to go? This notion of "international standards" is hogwash, as Japan and Mexico, two of the biggest importers of US beef, have (have had?) similar bans.

The auto market access thing, though, sounds like they're arguing in 1994. Korea's "non-tariff barriers" are equal for all cars, even Korean cars. Baucus (and Obama) needs to realize that Detroit's problems were not caused by Korea and won't be fixed by bashing Korea.

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