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July 02, 2010


Donald J. Perrenoud

For openers, it is past time for the US to provide assistance for Korea's protection of their northern border. No threats just begin to move our troops, planes and support personal home (big dollar loss). We really should move out regardless. It is time.

Inform them we will allow as many California certified cars into our country as they will allow into their country. The cars manufactured in this country are to to be included as imports for this calculation. These imported and domestic cars will be subject to the same additional restrictions that are applied to our imports to Korea (insurance rates, license plates, income tax,etc.). See how long that lasts.

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At the opening, it is time that the United States to assist Korea to protect its northern border. No threat has begun to move our troops, aircraft and support personnel at home (dollar loss large). You have to move independently. The time has come.

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